Will Pep Guardiola Prove His Critics Wrong?

Pep Guardiola may be feeling the pressure of the Premier League already with just half of the season over. Many of his fans are going crazy over his recent comments where he professes that he is tired and didn’t expect the Premier League to be so competitive. Well we shouldn’t try to read too much between these lines and predict that he will leave by the season. He will definitely complete his 3 year tenure at the club and only reason he took such a short contract was because he didn’t want to tie himself t a club for so long.article-2218410-154757f1000005dc-296_634x487


In the past also Pep Guardiola has spoken a couple of times about his future and he always made it obvious that he will retire fast and has also mentioned that he will maybe accept one more tenure after his contract at Manchester City runs out and that will be his last. After that we may find him retiring from competitive management and will most probably go back to training teens at La Masia. We should still expect him to be in a managerial job for the next 5 years and add a few more trophies to his large chest of accolades.


His main goal will be the win Football betting Premier League with City and prove all his critics wrong who had predicted that Pep Guardiola will be found out in the most competitive League in the world. Manchester city are still not out of the running this season with just 10 points behind the leaders. All they require is to keep winning while hoping that Chelsea will lose their plot. The next two goals will be to guide Manchester City to the semifinals of the Champions League and also win the FA Cup. A title this season will just propel City to something bigger next year.

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