Vin History Check: Something Necessary For Every Second Hand Car Purchase

When it is about purchasing the used car, checking VIN is one of the important processes. If this part is skipped by any chance then there would always be a risk of losing thousands of dollars in repairing the same. So prior to enlisting name in that category, it is better to have the vehicle history checked and have the real story unveiled. The moment a second hand or used car is purchased from a dealer, there is no guaranty that even if the dealer is reliable  the car would be flawless and error proof.  History says that even after having name and fame in industry few dealers are seen to sell cars, hiding the major mechanical issues. As they kept it as secret so right after buying the car, the owner starts facing problems and end in wasting money largely. That is the reason why VIN enquiry is deemed fundamental.

What is VIN


Right after 1981 every car is seen to be manufactured with a  17-character Vehicle Identification Number. It is similar to a finger print, as no two cars would be having same VIN. All the letters and numbers in VIN are unique and represent something particular. To dissect the code, the VIN starts with the manufacturer’s country and ends with the model. Now the rest of the characters stand for the restraint system, the series and body, the body style and engine. The manufacturing year of the car is also involved in VIN. However among all these characters that range from 12 to 17 stands for the car’s exclusive ID, as there is no two cars which share the same alphanumeric combination. When VIN involves so many things, it would be helpful to know everything about the car right after the history check. From the day of its registration to the condition it is in presently, everything would be revealed properly. So relying on the words of the dealer blindfolded, is not required as all the data would be furnished for suitable understanding.

What a VIN search reveal?

Some of the major incidents would be revealed in an instant like odometer rollback, police use, accident, serious mechanical problems, fire damage,  reconstruction and many more. When some serious problems are noticed there is no chance that a buyer would show any interest in purchasing the vehicle where the history is blemished. There are other important data which would be revealed after VIN check such as title transfers, mileage readings and DMV transactions.


The VIN history check would be revealing open everything including the year it was made. There are few dealers who try to sell cars as one latest model but when scrutinized it is seen that there is a big difference between what the dealer says and what the VIN report reveals. If the seller is someway or other hiding the manufacturing year, it should be understood that there has to be something wrong.

VIN verification is vital as it is mandatory for every buyer to know what he or she is buying. Instead of sitting every month in a repair shop it would be better to spend few dollars on VIN check.

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