Underwater Action With Sharks!

Hungry shark world was released on May 7th and it already became a huge success in the first week of its release itself. Developed by Ubisoft, Hungry Shark world already received 10 million downloads during the first week of its launch and is currently featured on almost all the top chart in mobile apps. Also, the internet is flooding with searches featuring hungry shark world cheats and other ways to succeed in the game.

A brief Introduction:


The game is fully loaded with fun and a step ahead of its predecessor, Hungry Shark Evolution. It has incredibly improved graphics a touch of cartoon world added to it. As soon as to start playing the game, you dive into an ocean packed with excitement and fun. You would play the role of a shark which has to satisfy its hunger by eating the fishes and other creatures that come into its way. The sole purpose of the game is to keep eating and keeping the shark alive for as long as possible. You have also to stay away from the other bigger sharks and figure out which objects are good for you to eat and which ones can harm you.


You can select from the three locations in the map featured in the game. Also, there are 2 types of in-game currencies which you will earn during the tenure of the game. The coins are the standard currency which can be earned easily and is used to buy the non-premium items and the gems which earn through gem fish are utilized to buy the premium items featured in the game store. Also, these in-game currencies can be bought in exchange for real life money. The game has been a truthful successor of its earlier release and has done justice to its popularity amongst its fans. It’s worth giving a try and we assure you that you are going to love it.

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