Top Japanese Manga To Read Before You Die

Fans were really sad and shook up when Naruto ended in 2014. But as a reminder here we are providing some of the best and hot manga that you need to read at least once in your lifetime.Top Japanese Manga To Read Before You Die

Top Japanese Manga

So here is the list of some top Japanese Manga.

  1. One Piece: This is one of the best manga out there as voted by its fans and viewers. This series is created by EiichiroOda and is an action adventure genre and follows the life of pirate Luffy. The theme is a little complex in nature and revolves around territorial disputes, war, and religion but does not involve any sort of profanity, violence or sex in the series.
  1. Naruto: This manga deals with the martial arts theme and revolves around the life of some aspiring ninjas. It is one of the most popular manga series and is trending even after its ending in 2014. The series has found success in more than 30 countries and its adaptations have been made in more than 80 countries. There is also an independent movie which is made in this series and is extremely successful and popular.Top Japanese Manga To Read Before You Die
  1. Dragon Ball: This series is the first one that gave the western audience a taste of manga. The theme of the series included an aspiring youth, pervert teacher and quest for a unique source of power called dragon ball. Goku, one of the characters from this series is recognized and loved worldwide.
  1. Death Note: This series is based on cat and mouse chase theme. In this series, we have a hero and an evil villain. There are strong messages in the series and some of the quote used in this can leave you thinking.

So these are some of the best and hottest manga that you have to definitely watch before you die.

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