Things To Know When Traveling By Ferry To Langkawi

If you have many pieces of luggage to carry on your journey, then,  ferry Penang to Langkawi is the best option as you will not be charged for any of them. You are allowed to carry as many bags as you wish and you shouldn’t let the baggage handlers at the ferry terminal fleece you of any extra cash. They have a way of talking to someone and persuading them that there is a limit to the size of the bag to carry; don’t buy their lies. Also, note that you shouldn’t leave your baggage in the 0-50 rows as it will be soaked with water unless it is a waterproof bag.  For ticket buying, you will be able to reserve a seat thus, no need to be afraid that someone might take your seat before you arrive. ssv-b1

If you happen to book online, make sure that you collect your ticket in advance from the ticket office to avoid frustrating the check-in agent when you are boarding the ferry. Once you collect the ticket, be patient until your service is called. Make sure that you carry some entertainment with you as it will save you the boredom you might encounter during the trip. It is a two and a half hour journey; you can carry a book to read, an iPod or iPhone where you can listen to music on the go; you also have an option of carrying a laptop or a tablet which you can use to watch a movie. This will make you feel the journey is shorter that what it probably is.peneng_ferry_between_georgetown_and_butterworth

On arrival, you will be shocked at Langkawi port, it will give you a feel of arriving at an airport and if you have to take a taxi, make sure you go to the taxi kiosks where you will be able to get an official taxi.

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