The Grand Stages

Competitive sports are an essence of life as we can’t live without competition. We all want to win or want our favoured team or player to win which creates a lot of passion and instead makes people participate in a sport and spreads awareness. There are numerous sports in the world right now and you will find various telecasted competitions in the world every year and the major ones are held every 4 years which creates the grandeur and hype about the tournament. We are about to talk about two competitions and you can discover more here about them if you continue reading.


The Olympics are a royal sporting event that is held every 4 years and there are two types of Olympics now, the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics. Both are held with a gap of 4 years and are organized by the IOC. These games have huge budgets and some even going up to $25 billion. These competitions are held all around the globe with the most recent one, the summer 2016 Olympics being held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. You can see an array of various sports like archery, swimming, shooting, wrestling, lifting and track and field. Both men and women participate in the games and they represent their countries.


This was the first year that there were athletes representing the refugee contingent! In every event a gold, silver and bronze medal is awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed athletes. Athletes participate in both individual and team competitions. The Olympics have come a long way since the inaugural 1896 games and since then it has transformed into one of the most endorsed events in the world. The Olympic has helped bridge the gap between countries and also spread the message of friendly competition.


Football or American Soccer is the most popular sports in the world with the 2006 World Cup Finals attracting as many as 715.1 million viewers is about a ninth of the World’s population. Brazil is the most successful team in the competition with 5 wins followed by Germany, who have won it 4 times and are also the current winners. A total of 32 teams participate in the competition with the most participants from Europe. The FIFA organization is thinking of increasing the number of teams to 40 so that more teams get an opportunity and so that more awareness is spread about the game.


The 32 teams are selected through a preliminary qualification round in which all the teams around the world compete with their neighbouring countries from their continent. The winner team gets the World Cup trophy which basically looks like many hands holding up the earth and it is gold plated. Previously the trophy was different and carried the symbol of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and was called the Jules Rimet after the first FIFA president, who was the mastermind behind this competition. The competition was founded 86 years ago in the year 1930 and is the most awaited event in the world, even more than the Olympics.

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