The Cannabis Plant

Cannabis is definitely one of the most talked about things right now. Without and more states legalizing marijuana in America along with many countries all around the globe the growth of marijuana has increased drastically. The research on medical marijuana has increased and so has the research on various strains of marijuana. It is most probably the most loved herb in the world with some haters, who hopefully will turn into lovers too. Cannabis can be taken in many forms like smoking with the help of bongs, chillums or vaporizers or by even making cigarettes out of them called joints. You could even taken it in the form of bhang which is mixed in liquid and drunk. You can even make cannabis butter out if it and then use it in food like brownies and cakes. The latter too are more safer methods as smoking produces ash which affects your heart and lungs.


Three kinds of cannabis can be found but only two are used for recreational needs or getting high. Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa can both get you high or stoned but the experience is different. Whereas one gets you more mellow, the latter gives you more creative high. The THC content in Indica is more than that in the Sativa genome and therefore that gets you more mellow while the other can make you hallucinate. Both are depressants and bring out the thoughtful person in you.


You feel really hungry and happy when you get high but it’s different from alcohol as this high is more peaceful. Marijuana does promise to have many medicinal properties and nobody has ever died out of cannabis use. Though some people have been reported to suffer from depression and start over relying on it. It does act as a painkiller though and some studies have shown that it can be used in cancer treatment as it curbs the growth of malignant tumors.


It is very easy to grow weed contrary to popular belief and you can grow it both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your budget you can grow it in different ways too. It is called weed because it can grow anywhere and doesn’t need much attention. You need to find a good source who can sell you female seeds because it is the female plant that produces the buds that is used to get high. The male plants are absolutely useless. Even if it is not legal in your country you don’t need to take any tension because the police never cared about one pot of weed and you will not be caught.


We would advise you to grow it indoors as you can control the growth of the plant then. The more you spend on the cultivation, the more potent the buds will be. You need to provide the plant light for 16 hours during the growth period and for 12 hours during the flowering period. You can then cut the buds and dry them. This phase is really important as this is when the plant develops potency and you need to cure it for at least 2 weeks if not more.

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