States That Have Legalized Marijuana

Marijuana is a medicinal plant known around the world for its many uses that can help both mind and body. Unfortunately, it may also come with a price. Those who smoke it can be addicted to the plant, making it dangerous for their health as well. That is why marijuana must be taken in moderation and care. This is to avoid any chances of addiction or other dire consequences that can happen when overusing the plant. It’s come to the point that you won’t be allowed to have marijuana in the house legally, whether it’s for recreational or medicinal use! This is very unfortunate, as marijuana is what can help ease physical and mental issues. Luckily, there are a few states you are now able to use and purchase marijuana legally. But where exactly are those states, and what are their limits? In this article, we show you the states that have legalized marijuana! marijuanaeconomy-2020

States That Have Legalized Marijuana

In total, there are 25 states that have legalized marijuana. But under that are some limits in certain states. Some may legalize it for medicinal uses only, or you are also able to use it for recreation.29906170001_4419263962001_thinkstockphotos-481275298

Here are the states that have legalized recreational marijuana (You are able to use it with or without a doctor’s permit):

  1. Alaska
  2. Colorado
  3. Oregon
  4. Washington

Here are states that have legalized medical marijuana (Allowed to smoke marijuana so long as you have the doctor’s permit to do so):

  1. Alaska
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Connecticut
  6. Delaware
  7. Hawaii
  8. Illinois
  9. Maine
  10. Maryland
  11. Massachusetts
  12. Michigan
  13. Minnesota
  14. Montana
  15. Nevada
  16. New Hampshire
  17. New Jersey
  18. New Mexico
  19. New York
  20. Oregon
  21. Pennsylvania
  22. Rhode Island
  23. Vermont
  24. Washington

In the next few years, there are an expected 11 states to legalize marijuana. There is no official news ion the specific states, nor have they mentioned that it is for medicinal or recreational use. But for now, those that haven’t been mentioned have marijuana illegal in the area and should not be used or purchase to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

In Conclusion

Marijuana is a plant that holds many medicinal benefits, but is also dangerous to use when taken in copious amounts. This is the reason why many states have made it illegal to use, in order to control the people who use it and make sure that they do not suffer from the consequences of drug abuse. For those who need marijuana for medicinal purposes, or would want to take marijuana in moderation like alcohol or cigarettes, there are a few states that have legalized the usage and selling of the plant. Hopefully, this guide on the states that have legalized marijuana will help you learn more on the different places you are allowed to purchase and smoke marijuana in, as well as their limits to using it. So if you are a marijuana user or plan to try marijuana, make sure you are aware of the different places that you can and cannot use marijuana in to avoid getting into trouble with the law!

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