Stages Of Menopause

It’s said to be the most dreaded stage of a woman’s life. Every woman dreads menopause not only because of its adverse symptoms, but it’s also a reminder of old age. Every woman wants to stay young but menopause is a stage that every woman has to go through. Despite all the negative side effects of menopause, it also offers a woman great freedom. At this stage a woman does not have to worry about getting pregnant. Planning yourself with your cycle in mind becomes a thing of the past at this stage of life. Many women tend to be closer to their spouses at this stage more than they were in the past. bioidentical-hormones-philadelphia

So what is menopause? Menopause is a stage in a woman’s life that is characterized by a decrease in estrogen level and eventually a stop in the production of progesterone. When there is a change in the production of these hormones, a woman’s menstruation stops for a period of 12months. menopause toronto happens between the ages of 50-51 but that depends on your family background. It could come as early as 35 years.

There are three stages of menopause namely;

Peri menopause– this stage last between 2-5 years. In this stage a woman experiences irregular periods and spotting. A woman in this stage will experience symptoms like irritability, sweats at night and hot flushes. This is due to the fluctuations of hormonal levels.istock_000015179312small_720_479

Menopause– at this stage, the period stops. A woman at this stage will experience mood swings, loss of libido, sleep disorder, fatigue and memory loss. A woman in menopause will have a decline in estrogen level and progesterone will eventually stop being produced.

Post menopause– all the effects of menopause decrease at this stage, although the effects of menopause have declined, a woman is at risk getting other health related complications.

Women experience a lot of health related complications due to menopause and they should be aware of places to seek help from. In Toronto, there are places specifically designed to help women transit through menopause smoothly. A smooth transition is the desire of any woman and that is why these women need support.

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