Save More With The Avaya IP

For every business owner to succeed it is important to stay updated with the advancements in technology. The new devices enable you to get your work done in a much faster and more efficient manner. If you are looking for solutions to enhance your calling solutions at the office installing the avaya ip office system is something you need to take into consideration. If you’re wondering why you need to get the avaya system into your office, there are a number of things that you need to know about this VoIP system that can help your business boom.

To begin with, an avaya system helps to considerably reduce the calling rates internationally as well as nationally. This helps you to cut down on your telephone bills and save on a lot of money. Since this is a VoIP based service, the quality of calls are much better in comparison to a traditional phone and this helps you to ensure you customers are satisfied with the solutions they get over the phone. The call drop rates via the avaya system are always much lower in comparison to a traditional phone call.


Avaya systems are very easy to install and they do not require too much maintenance either. You can always add more systems to the existing network without having to make any modifications which help you to save on a lot of money. Since these calls can be automated, you can assign your employees with a certain amount of calls on a daily basis.

With the avaya ip office system you no longer have to worry about missing out on work or not being in touch. While most business owners use a cell phone to stay in touch with their employees or their clients the cost of operating a cell phone when you travel internationally can be too much at times. Thankfully the avaya ip office system allows the use of avaya ip phones even when you are away from the office. When you are traveling all you need to do is carry your avaya ip phone along with you. When you need to make a phone call or attend an important conference call you can pull out your avaya ip phone and connect it to the internet.


Once connected your avaya ip phone will be active. Once active you can make important calls and you can join conference calls as well. Since the clarity of the calls is amazing no one would realize that you are traveling. Also since the ip address of the avaya ip phone is the same you would still get the same phone number that you chose for yourself. This means that when your avaya ip phone is switched on people can get in touch with you whenever they want. Irrespective of the country that you are in, the only expense that you would be incurring with the avaya ip phone would be cost of the internet used by the phone which is nominal.

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