Post pregnancy massage

Women are posed with new challenges after giving birth to a child. They get involved in tasks like breastfeeding, carrying the babies, bathing them, changing the diapers and so on. These activities stress their backs and creates a problem in their posture. There are even some changes that occur in their bodies like swollen nipples,  soreness in the body due to delivery. So women deserve something special to relief the strain from their muscles. All they need is post pregnancy massage.

What is Post pregnancy massage?

This is a form of massage given to a woman everyday till 40 days after conceiving. This is a traditional process that helps in soothing the mother. This process is a very relaxing one, midst all the mess that is created after the child birth.

Benefits of post pregnancy massage

Post pregnancy massage therapy is a powerful tool that helps mothers to regain their posture and release stress. The massage therapy helps in easing the sore parts and helps in relaxing the tension from the muscles. Giving birth, exerts strain on the lower part of the body and might even sore the upper part due to breastfeeding. Massage helps in oxygenation of the muscles and detoxicifies by increasing the rate of flow of blood. Massage triggers the brain to release endorphins (natural painkiller) that kills the pain.This therapy releases oxytocin, which helps to release milk from the breasts. Breast massage opens up all the blocked areas, loosens and softens all the harderned parts. But care must be taken while massaging the breasts, it shouldn’t be too vigourous. Lymph flow is stimulated which helps in the betterment of the immune system. Massage boosts up mood and will let the mother spend some lone time which will help her regain some power.prenatal-massage-2

Different post pregnancy massage techniques

1) Jamu technique: This technique is adopted by the  Indonesians. This techique help to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the stomach. Earlier, they would make use of heated bricks as a compressor , but now they have been substituted by volcanic stones. Binding is done after each massage section, to flatten the stomach at a faster rate.Prenatal-Massage-Denver

2) Swedish massage: This is the most ideal type of massage after pregnancy. Long stroking or effluerage is a part of this massage. Long stroking is followed by kneading which releases the muscle strain. The next step is friction. Then there is a blood circulation and muscle contraction that is created due to tapotement. Then finally nerves are stimulated by the nerve stroke.

3) Foot reflexology: Applying pressure on certain points of the foot, helps to energise the entire body.

4) Accupressure

5) Herbal baths: This technique is not an actual part of post pregnancy. It is use of spices ,certain roots and herbs that helps to reduce the soreness in veins,  reduces wind and helps to relax.

Oils used for massage

Mustard oil: This ia the most preferred oil in the post natal massage as it is warming. Warming helps in healing process at a faster rate and is believed to be good for pain joints and blood circulation.

Cocunut oil: This oil is said to have a cooling and hydrating effect and is not only used for head massage but is also used for body massage. It has a soothing effect in the summer season.

Sesame oil: Sesame is believed to have cooling properties and so might not be preferred by some for post natal massage. It is believed as a great tool to control blood pressure and stress.

Sweet almond oil: It is a good moisturiser, improves complexion, reduces inflammation and itching, relieves from muscle pain.

Other oils that could be used are sunflower, grape seed and wheat germ.

Post pregnancy is required the most after the following conditions:

1)Normal delivery


3)Pre-mature delivery

Post natal massage should be avoided under the following circumstances:

1) If one has some skin problems like rashes, boils etc

2) If one suffers from hernia

3) Complications in the delivery

4) If one has a high pressure problem

It is better to take advice from the doctor to be sure if one is fit to take massage. Post natal massage is an excellent way and a great opportunity for women to reagain their lost posture and strength. Doctors recommend 6 weeks as the time for post pregnancy massage till the uterus shrinks to its original place. However it takes almost 2 years for the ligaments to be back at their normal place. Try to have the massage after feeding the baby or after satisfying all his needs are satisfied so that one can get an hour of good massage. There are many Malishwalis that help you get a good massage at your home itself.

Giving birth is an exhausting process in every mother’s life, she has to be fit and in great position to take care of her baby and family. So all she needs is some special care and time to relax and post processing massage could give the best of care required.

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