Personalized Christmas stockings are integral part of Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is a very special occasion for the people all around the world, especially among Christians. It brings joy and lots of excitement to everyone’s life including both young and old people. There are certain traditions and customs that have been associated with this special occasion and are repeated year after year. Christmas celebrations call for decorations, special meals, traditional music and lots of gifts. Personalized Christmas stockings have been an exclusive part of Christmas decorations right from the beginning.  christmas-stocking-fillers People hang these beautiful personalized Christmas stockings in their homes as part of the decoration especially on the fireplace mental. The stocking is not just the pieces of decoration but holds a lot of surprises for the children. On the eve of Christmas, these stockings gets are filled with small gifts, fruits, candies and other tiny surprises that are especially meant to please the kids. Children are often told about the stories of Santa Clause who brings gifts for everyone. When children find these stocking filled with gifts, they feel that Santa has left those beautiful gifts.4-8

Christmas Stockings has been an integral part of Christmas celebrations. They are not something materialistic but hold a lot of emotions of the person who hangs them. Thus, people tend to personalize them by associating them with tags depicting the name of the owner and do something special to make them look different from the others. The history of Christmas stockings is often associated with Odin or Saint Nicholas. There is a famous story about Odin and his charismatic horse named Sleipner that can fly. Children would always hang their boots and Odin would always fill the up with gifts every time he passed by the village. This story is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries. Irrespective of the truth behind this exciting tradition, people follow it every year and children wait for the gifts and candies anxiously.original_personalised-christmas-sack-letterpress

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