One Of Best Studio Monitors Available

We’re sure that you might have already read tons of articles with regards to the best studio monitors around. For whatever reason you decided to purchase one, but you can’t seem to know exactly what studio monitor model will fit the bill. This might also be the first time that you make a purchase, that’s good since it can be a great investment. We’re here today to show you one of the best studio monitors around.

We want to remind you that we are in no way forcing you to buy the model or restricting your choices, we’re merely expanding your choices. Aside from that, we’re not going to present the most expensive studio monitor available in the market. In case you’re wondering why, think about it are all the most expensive products you bought necessarily also the best ones in their line? An expensive product does not mean it’s also the best one out there.


Yamaha HS8

In terms of design, the Yamaha HS8 is 2-way ported, it has an 8 inch cone on the woofer, a 1 inch dome with regards to the tweeter and can handle 46 Hz – 24 kHz frequencies. As we said, this model is quite affordable when compared to others; you can buy the pair for the price of £464.


Many consider the Yamaha HS8 as a modern design due to its response to flat frequencies and a tight bottom end. Other than that, it also has a deeper response to bass without sacrificing the clarity of the mid-range in any way. Its predecessor, the HS80M which was released in 2006, was also a sight to behold. You can say that the HS8 is an updated version of HS80M; HS8 has an enhanced monitor, better drivers and also an overall redesigned cabinet.

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