All You Need to Know About TIG Welders

Welding is a very arduous task. You need expertise as well as good knowledge about the entire procedure. It may so happen that whatever material you are using for welding breaks under high temperature. So the quality of material should be good but at the same time the welder should also be compatible. Now here comes TIG welder which is a very good product in the market. All the TIG welder reviews have been quite satisfactory and they ensure that the entire welding process is carried out with precision. TIG welder or Tungsten Inert Gas welder works under extreme heat and temperature and it ensures that the metals employed doesn’t break. This particular welder is not like the normal Alternating Current or Direct Current welder and they can bear heat up to 6200deg Fahrenheit.tig welding

So let us see how the welding process actually works. When the welder is employed the engaged metals have the tendency to jump and this fires the temperature. The oxidation process starts here and the envelope of inert gas which is either helium or argon. This inert gas is produced by a nozzle o  r shielding cup. This inert gas envelope ensures that maximum heat is exposed. Going by the shape and dimensions of the cup, the working of the welder is determined.tig welding

  1. TIG welder reviews is a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews. But the good thing is, the numbers in the positive side is higher than negative reviews. The first positive point of TIG Welder is that it is very easy to work with heat sensitive metals. The small size makes it decisive to work in delicate and intricate areas and ensures a smooth welding for intricate areas. You can deploy the TIG Welder in welding heat sensitive metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. TIG Welder produces minimal residue. Remember, if the welding process produces slag and residue, it becomes very difficult to clean. But in case of TIG Welder very less smoke, negligible splatter or slag is produced. It causes smooth welding and longevity. TIG Welder is mostly used in sculpture and auto industries for its clean operation.
  2. The rotten tomatoes in the bag of reviews include a bit of ground work. TIG Welder cannot operate properly if you don’t clean the surface of the metal. Contaminated surface may hinder the welding process resulting in poor welding. Cleaning whatever little residues produced makes you welding process more decisive.tig welding

While buying the TIG Welder, other than the TIG Welder reviews there are others factors which you should examine. First of all is the adaptability. The TIG Welder should be light weight because predominantly it’s a portable device. Next is the Arc Steadiness. Arc is the part of welder which is employed in the process. Amperage capacity, Duty Cycle of the product, AC/DC welding rating and Heat control are some of the points that you should be taking care of. Apart from this, the TIG Welder is an excellent device to work with.

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