All You Need To Know About Counter Strike Global Offensive

CSGO is an FPS which is created by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is a game which is accessible via Xbox 360, Windows, Mac, and PS3. If you are a gamer who played the old version of a counter strike, you will notice some difference in their new release. Check out the details on CSGO news.  The new installment incorporates great graphics which you will enjoy. There are great maps, matchmaking, weapons, and a way to energize new weapon skins. Global offensive is a multiplayer goal based game first person shooter. images_qtbn_and9gctqdjstd8ydhkrzwuvmd-dasq0enuitmusnl9m1nnrt2oh3nix7

How It is Played

Each player joins either the counter-terrorist or terrorist team and makes attempts to eliminate or complete objectives the enemy team. At the beginning of every round, the players purchase equipment and weapons with the money awarded based on how they performed. Killing the enemy or completing the objectives earns you money while negative actions like killing hostage or teammate takes away money from you. At the end of the round, all the participating players receive some amount of money with those on the winning receiving more than what the losers do.esports-news

The Best Online Game

For the past 12 years, the CSGO has been one of the best online game with thousands of players killing one another every day. According to the CSGO news, it currently features 5 game modes fsor players who are online which are: death match, competitive, demolition, casual, and Arms Race. It has two logged off mode: weapons course which is good when honing and offline with bots. The competitive and casual are the most well-known game modes with both having the hostage and defuse missions. While on online modes, at the end of each game on the off chance, if you are lucky, you will periodically get drop which will include sticker capsules, weapon boxes, or guns. The only negative side of that is that to open the sticker case or container, you are supposed to purchase a key from Steam Market while the firearm that is dropped has an obsolete skin. While in the game,you will never have the opportunity to drop Redline, Knives, Asimov or StatTrak; you have to get them from a Steam Marketplace which will mean you have to use some dollars in order to enjoy that part of the game.

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