Movies At A Glance

Watching movies has been one of the best and most favorite time pass for people around the world. Some people are die-hard fans of Hollywood movies whereas some prefer local movies. Some are crazy for action movies whereas some wait eagerly for their favorite animated movies. In one way or the other majority of the people in the world share a really strong connection with the movie world. In this modern era you can even watch movies free online sitting at home or anywhere else you desire, if you do not wish to visit the multiplex again and again or are out of, people are well known about the current day movie world but are they aware of the background and history of the motion pictures? Do they know how it emerged and reached such a huge level? Let us discuss the emergence and the development of the movie industry over time.

Emergence and Growth of the Movie World:

  • The first ever known movie was shot in 1880’s with the invention of camera which could click continuous pictures up to several minutes through a single lens and on a single record which when played over, viewed like a motion picture in the black and white format without any background music or sound effects.
  • With the development in digital sound recording, sound effects started being recorded which were played along with the movie. Finally came the era where the background voices were also being recorded and people could thoroughly relate everything.
  • Another big development in the movie industry was with the invention of cameras which could capture natural colors. However, this was a tremendous and a gradual change which took place over several watching had always been and always will remain one of the best things to spend a leisure time with your family, friends or even alone.
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