La Liga Debut Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid – It was an important match to

La Liga started on August 21st, 2016 and the whole world started going bonkers again. The debut match began with Real Sociedad facing Real Madrid. Though by the name, most of us football fans has thought that Real Madrid would win, which it did, Real Sociedad, on the other hand, was not an easy team to defeat either. They were in their perfect form, and Real Madrid was liable than expected. With Cristiano trying to make a comeback being in the field even in his condition, it’s Bale alone who was supposed to score with the same squad playing this season as the last season. However, the game only ended up with Real Madrid scoring three magnificent goals against Real Sociedad. Much obvious is the first goal, scored by Bale. However, what amused us the most is the second goal scored by Marco Asensio who said that it was very crucial for them to win the first match and that he’s elated about the first win. It was important for them to begin this season with the win. the-ball-488717_960_720

According to the media, Asensio said, “”I don’t set myself any aims or goals. I make a decent attempt, play well and at last things are working out well. I’m euphoric and considerably all the more so in light of the fact that my goals are crucial to the team. In preparing, I endeavor to make the beginning line-up, and I attempt to do my best to be picked. Today in the pre-match meeting that has happened Zidane has let me know that I’d be beginning. It is doubtless that this is a vital win since we realized that our coming to Anoeta is not simple. We must give it the significance it merits since we’ve beaten incredibly strong opponents. We as a team, keep remembering that we’re the Real Madrid and if you’re a part of this club, its mandatory you must battle for everything and fight on until the very end. You witness already that we have an excellent squad and that we’re preparing hard and performing high irrespective of our weaknesses. We as a whole need to play and that is something worth being thankful for the mentor. The players are eventually moving from the bench and started performing well.”Shunsuke1_20080622

Also according to coach, “Everyone one of us are equally excited to play, and you can witness it with the way the Asensio is acting with all of us. He came, he ran and he wanted to get the ball. He was only fair with all of us, and he should be doing the same in the future as he’s just as important to us as any other player and he’s filled with great skills and genuine quality. Yes, we have got three goals, and we are thinking of going with the same pace. Today, the entire team is putting some acceleration at an invidual level, and when attacked together, we will show you some great game as we are destined to win many trophies more. Also, it was important to get the first goal.” Check out w88 for more games, live updates and scores.

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