Kayak Fishing Gear

For you to get redirected here, it means you have some interest in kayak fishing. That is the best thing you have decided to do for yourself. You will experience a whole new dimension of fun and excitement. With fish kayaking, you can be assured of the best time of your life. However, you need to be well geared up for this amazing adventure. Here is a list of what you will need in your undertaking.South Texas Kayak


This is used for propelling the kayak hence you should pick one that is suited for your needs. You have the option of getting a single bladed paddle or a double bladed paddle depending on your level of expertise. These paddles are also available in variety of lengths to fit different sized paddlers.

Spray Skirt

This is meant for someone with a sit-in kayak with an intention of fishing in rough water bodies. The spray skirt is made of a neoprene cockpit cover or a nylon and it has a tunnel for the paddler’s body. Sit-in kayaks require spray skirts duet to their relatively low position into the water leaving very little freeboard.


This Personal Flotation Device is meant to help the paddler to float in case the kayak capsizes. They are available in many different designs and forms from different brands.South Texas Kayak

Rod and Reel Outfit

To be successful in kayak fishing, you need at least one rod and reel outfit. Some of the common outfits that you will readily find in the market include:

  • Bait casting outfits
  • Spinning outfits
  • Fly fishing outfits

Most anglers opt for more than one outfit when going fishing because you never know the kind of species that you will be pursuing.


You need a number of lures for your fish if you ever want to catch any fish. You should also consider getting a nice suitable lure box since you are using a relatively narrow craft.

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