An Introduction To The ARTRA Condo

A country as well developed as Singapore will surely have sky high towers and buildings that serve various purposes; some may be hotels and condominiums or even sky scrapers for added attractions. Condominiums high in demand in Singapore, that’s why dozens of companies have started to develop buildings and areas to meet the said demand. It would be impractical to hope on all of them, you should have a short list of condominiums that you hope to grab and ARTRA condo is one of them. Now, we’re here to introduce ARTRA condominium and give you a good idea on what you should look forward to.ARTRA Showflat


Tang Group has added a new investment in their living space venture located at Redhill and that is ARTRA Condo. The area surrounding ARTRA Condo has a wide array of fabulous facilities and numerous features to meet the needs of every residence as well as provide them with luxury that they never thought they needed. But if you look closely, ARTRA’s location is extremely convenient. IMG_1983The ARTRA Condo can be found near the Redhill MRT Station, which makes it accessible for people going to and from the condo.ARTRA’s developer is the well established Tang Skyline real estate developers, it’s a private company and subsidiary of Tang City Holdings or Tang Group of companies. They specialize in the development of property as well as investing in them.

Tang Skyline is well known in Singapore, they incorporate amazing ideas and strategies when developing and planning their prospects. They are well capable of producing works of art and other features that lean towards the creation of a better condominium complex. It was not an overnight success though and through the years they have built up a project portfolio incomparable to many.

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