You Haven’t Visited Malaysia Till You Visit Melaka

It is not uncommon for people to flock to popular destinations when they plan on going out for holidays, however what a lot of people don’t realize is that apart from the popular tourist destinations that the world is known for there are some smaller places makes the country beautiful and it is not good for you to just visit popular tourist destinations and leave out the smaller and lesser known cities that you could visit in order to experience the country in a better manner. While there are a number of destinations for tourist to visit in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur happens to top the list mainly because it has some of the best things to do for tourists and it is a very beautiful city.  bus-malacca-to-kl

If you are planning to visit Malaysia during your holidays it is not always advised that you stick to the basics that every tourist does but instead explore a little more so you can get a taste of Malaysia that no other tourist has ever experienced in their life. Melaka is a good place to stay at Kuala Lumpur because this is one of the most beautiful cities and it is well connected to various parts nationally and internationally and there is no reason why you should not visit this city. Melaka happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia. kkkl_katong

The best part about Melaka is that it is just a two hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and when you are in Kuala Lumpur all you need to do is hop on a tour bus and you can get to this beautiful city in less than 3 hours. In case you’re wondering how you should get your tickets to visit Melaka then all you need to do is visit

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