How to get rid of dark spots at home?

Dark spots and several signs of ageing are haunting the human civilization more than the nuclear attack discussions. Well! That was just a humor to give a sigh of relief to the people who are searching online now and then for the dark spot removers and treatments. If you are one of them and struggling hard in order to get a spotless skin then you must take a note of the following points mentioned below-

Apply uncooked milk– There is a cheapest and best home remedy for dark spots removers query available in every kitchen i.e. uncooked milk or pasteurized milk. Take two tea spoons milk and apply on the dark spots with the help of the cotton clean ball. After the milk dry put then wash face with normal tap water. You can find good results in 4 weeks regular application.

Apply apple cider vinegar– This is the root medicine for the skin problems. All type of fine lines, pimples, acne, dark spots pigmentation and sun burn caused inflammation can be prevented by the sue of apple cider vinegar application. Again take a cotton ball mix one table spoon of vinegar with 2 spoon of water and apply swiftly onto the affected area. Now wash after 20 minutes or let the skin soak all the vinegar mixture on its own. You can do this treatment often before the bedtime at night. Leave the vinegar applied onto the dark spots for overnight

Apply sunscreen with high range of SPF- The sun screen lotions and gel based creams that contain SPF 30 and above are efficient and known as the best dark spot removers’ formula. Usually the increase of melanin is seen inside the skin which is directly exposed to the sun rays and has weak tissues in comparison to the entire facial skin. The affected areas gradually start showing dark color formation and it is defined as dark spots. To reduce the effect of the sun rays and increase of melanin on certain areas of the skin, you must apply sunscreen lotion or cream with SPF 30 and above 10 minutes before leaving the house for work.

Hence, the above mentioned remedies are advised by the experts for the skin which have normal to oily skin or combination. People who have skin diseases or find severe itching with allergy formation on dark spots immediately consult the dermatologist. They will advice the right medicine course for the removal of injection.

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