A Family Friendly Card Game

There are tons of card games out there that you can play, but what would be the perfect one to play with your family, especially if little kids are involved? You can’t really play poker with the kids or can you place heavy bets; you can play those kinds of card games with other adults at another time. There is one that we could suggest, if you want to find out more about it then read on.

Go Fish!

Go Fish! can be played by children above 7 years old, Go Fish can played by two or more people. As a player, it’s your goal to quickly get rid of all the cards in your hand. So here’s how you play Go Fish:


  • First step is to choose a dealer to hand out the cards. If there are three players all in all then everyone will receive seven cards, for games with more players each one will receive five cards. The remaining deck will be left face down; we’ll call this the fish pond.
  • It’s up to the players to sort their cards according to numbers and suits. The person to the dealer’s left will be the first one to request.


  • Let’s say that the requester has two aces and he asks another player for aces. If the player has aces then he’ll give them to the requester. This goes on until the requester asks for a card and the other player doesn’t have it.
  • The player will tell the requester to ‘Go fish’, the requester will then take a cad from our ‘fish pond’. The player will then become the new requester.
  • Once you collect the four cards of a set, put them face down in front of you. You win when you only have complete sets of cards.
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