What Exactly A Hair Drug Test Does?

In the past few years, hair drug test is gaining a lot of popularity these days because of the tremendous growth in the rate of drug consumers. Hence other than going for a blood and urine test, people also go for hair follicle drug test. Let us explore what basically a hair follicle test does!


  • The first and the foremost things that a hair test does is that, it determines the amount of drug present in the air. This is because hair stores a larger quantity of drug than blood and urine.
  • One can hardly do any tricks or cheats to pass the hair drug test, because the hair samples can be taken in full view.
  • It has become quite easy to cheat in a urine drug test because various powders and available in the market that can easily lower down the quantity of drugs available in urine.

Working procedure of a hair follicle drug test!!

A hair follicle drug test, basically traces out the presence of amount of drugs prevailing in the hair follicles. What happens is basically is that when drugs are mixed in the blood, it produces metabolites, which are deposited in the hair. And when your hair grows, the chemicals that are deposited in the body, the time period of the drug usage is determined in the test.


When you go for a hair follicle drug test, a small sample of your hair is cut down from the tip to the roots and is sealed in a container. After that, the hair sample is sent to the laboratories for tracing the amount of chemicals and drugs present in the hair. So the next time you go for a hair follicle test, do check all the information available on the internet and then get your hair tested.

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