An Eight Of Mary Jane

Mary Jane, weed, cannabis, whatever you call it we all know what we’re talking about here. In the past couple of years, weed has slowly increased in legality among countries. Of course there are still those that have strict laws against weed that could get you some serious jail time. Unlike all the other ‘drugs’ out there, weed has numerous categories and the majority of which have no addictive properties. People use weed for all kinds of varying reasons from recreational purposes to medical remedies. how many grams in an eighth or what other terms would you need to know?


Even though weed is quite famous, there are people who are just now using them or have not touched some in so long that they forget the terms. We’re here to save you from all the mocking looks you might receive from veteran and regular users.

An Eight

When we say an eight of weed, it’s actually a slang term. It equates to roughly one eight of an ounce of weed. In grams, that one eight of weed has 3.5 grams of weed, we already know what some of you might be thinking ‘roughly one eight of an ounce? What exactly do you mean by that?’ Well, the math in the world of weed is a little off, an ounce is equivalent to 28 grams. But the general measurement of an ounce is 28.375 grams, so an eight should be exactly 3.54688 grams.


Now that you know, don’t just go out and point at your supplier, majority of scales don’t actually measure 1/100ths of a gram; also, people have accepted that an eight is exactly 3.5 grams. So that’s about it, you now know that one important slang when purchasing or using weed and you can keep up with the veterans’ conversation.

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