Coffee Machine: One For All

Are you a coffee lover? Has your coffee machine ever broken down? Stopped working? Or started making coffee with altered taste? One of the reasons behind that might be not handling the machine properly or not cleaning it on a regular basis. Cleaning the coffee machine thoroughly on a regular basis can actually enhance the life of your coffee machine and also serve you that perfect cup of coffee whenever you need. There are some points that you must follow to ensure the smooth and proper working of your coffee machine.

Points to remember:

Sometimes the oil from the coffee or the minerals and calcium from the water gets accumulated inside the coffee maker which starts affecting the flavor of the coffee and acts as a hindrance in the heating system and the water flow of the machine. Below mentioned are some tips that you can follow to maintain your coffee machine:


  • To clean the inside of the coffee maker, use a solution of water and vinegar prepared in a ratio of 1:1 in the chamber. Place a clean filter on the filter basket. Brew the solution without coffee and leave it for a couple of minutes. You may repeat the procedure if required. When done, Throw away the solution and replace it with clean water. Brew the water alone to remove the traces of vinegar from the machine. This method with clean away all the deposits inside your coffee machine and in your pot.
  • You can clean the removable parts of your coffee machine with the similar solution as mentioned above or you may even wash it with a solution of dishwater and thereafter, rinse it thoroughly in running water.


  • You should clean your coffee machine at least once a week if it is being used at a regular basis and also make sure that you do not ignore any minor physical damages or other problems in the machine. They may later become the cause of creating a bigger damage to the machine. Get it fixed as soon as possible.

If maintained properly, your coffee maker will ensure your daily cup of that delicious coffee that you desire. The invention and development of coffee machines have actually given that cup of coffee a new meaning. Moreover, if you need a coffee machine for yourself, look out for the huge variety available to you and get your coffee prepared with just a single touch.

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