Buying cosplay costumes

Have you ever watched a movie or an animation which so completely took your breath away and made you wish you were that character? Most adults today grew up watching cartoons and reading super hero comics and these characters were completely etched in our young minds. For some, the essence of these characters is part of us to date and in the 90’s, cosplay came to the forefront for people who love anime, movies, video games and comic books.

Cosplay came about for the love of fictional characters. This is a completely natural love for these characters where individuals enjoy choosing costumes and embracing their beloved character.  It has been long associated with geeks but for most cosplayers, getting to meet and know other fans gave most people a strong sense of identify and feel like they belonged. 1

In conventions where hundreds of cosplay fans gather and meet, is it obvious that a lot of time, resources and passion went into the costumes. Some people choose to go the whole 9 yards and make their costumes from scratch. For many who may not know or have the time or just prefer to buying their costume, here are a few great tips when it comes to buying your cosplay costumes;

  • Design – Find out whether the costumer is made of several pieces or made up of several pieces
  • Sizes – Find out whether the costume you like is available in various sizes.
  • Price – Have a budget in mind and choose a costume within your budget.
  • Return policy – Find out whether you can return the costume and whether you can exchange it for another costume. Ask whether they have a refund policy.
  • Accessories – Find out whether there are accessories which come with the costume and whether you can get the complete outfit at bargain price.1382789994e


Be sure to do your research and find out details about the store, the costume (fabric, sizes available, any special handling instructions etc.) before making your purchase. Find out whether they have a return and refund policy and how long before you can make an exchange. This will help you make the best possible choice when it comes to buying your cosplay costume.

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