A Brief Review On Mspy

mSpy was basically developed to monitor smartphones and computers, more precisely for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows platforms. These two different variant of mSpy program serves the same purpose in different ways, on different types of machines. Using mSpy, a user can remotely track a cellphone or computer’s location and activities like call & texting history, browsing history, emails and instant messaging services, media contents like photos, videos and music files – likewise for computers as well. Depending on the list of features though, price of the mSpy would vary. If you want to know more about mSpy, then keep on reading this mSpy review.

mSpy Supported Platforms

For smartphone platforms, only iOS and Android is supported as of yet. However, these two platforms sums up the highest population of smartphone users out there, so compatibility should not be an issue. For computer users, mSpy supports both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Here again, these two operating systems sum up the highest population of computer users across the world. Of course, a lot of users prefer Linux or Unix for their primary OS, but people who know how to operate these systems may not even need a spying software in the first place.


Features that mSpy Offers

In this mSpy review, we are going to cover the basic features offered by mSpy. Of course the smartphone and computer platforms are very different but some of the features remain common. Years ago the spywares could only offer features like providing access to text messages or key-logs, but with the advancement in technology mSpy offers a whole lot more.

  • Text Messages: As mentioned, mSpy can very effectively trace the text messages on a smartphone. Jailbreak or root isn’t necessary to access the text messages through the background processes, it works like a charm. Both incoming and outgoing text messages will be tracked.
  • Instant Messaging: All popular instant messaging clients can be traced. The list of IM apps include WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Line, Imo and a lot more – almost every IM app you could name.
  • Email: On both smartphone and computers, the email clients could very well be traced through mSpy. All popular email clients have their dedicated email app in the app stores now, mSpy could trace the email in those apart from the smartphone’s native email app.


  • Call History: On smartphones, the call history could be remotely accessed using mSpy to find out which numbers were called.
  • Internet Activity Monitoring: Parents could monitor what their children browses in the internet when they aren’t looking, or an employer can track their employees’ internet browsing habit when they are supposed to work. This feature is provided for both smartphone and computer apps.
  • Key-logger: A keylogger comes more useful when tracking a person’s internet habits is necessary. The mSpykeylogger could just run in the background without letting the user know about it. On smartphones, keylogger works only on Android.
  • Change Devices As you wish: Once you pay for the mSpy app, changing the device is allowed under one license.


These are the basic features one can avail while using mSpy on a permitted operating system. Although mSpy isn’t cheap, but the investment is very much worth it.

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