Brief Introduction To Color Switch

Color Switch is one of the most popular smartphone games right now. You might not have heard about it yet, but once you start playing the game there’s no coming back. One gets addicted and get so deep into Color Switch that it’s truly a difficult task to get them off of it. It’s addicting in a good way, and since there’s some sort of puzzle solving involved it requires brainstorming and an excellent sync between a person’s brain and their thumb. Although Color Switch is originally released for the smartphone platform, yet it is available in online platforms like

Introduction to Color Switch


Tap taptap. The game requires endless tapping to keep the ball flying stable in the air, just like Flappy Bird. Also the endless nature is similar to almost and endless genre game in the app stores in current time. Tapping on the screen launches the ball into air and the gamer has to keep passing the ball through obstacles by matching both element’s colors. There may be different mazes like circles, boxes, stars, walls etc. To make life more complicated, few of these squeeze and expand, or move like crazy. Passing a ball through isn’t very easy.

Types of Challenges

There are different types of challenges in Color Switch, they are –

  • Classic: The typical Color Switch levels where each tap on the screen drives the ball upwards.
  • Reverse: Everything’s same but the ball goes downwards this time, fight against gravity to win!
  • Race: To make life even more complicated, the Race challenges put a player against some other player from the online leader board and the one passing through obstacles first wins the game.


  • Cave: Almost like a cave, you can’t see your ball well but you have to play this way!
  • Zig-Zag: Ball turns in 45 degree angle to make the whole thing seem impossible, but it is possible.

These are the popular modes. There are more like Turn, Shoot, Line, Spin, Black & White etc.


If you are just starting to play Color Switch, then learn these terms and the rest you would know as you keep playing.

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