Blogger Templates That Are Bound To Get You Noticed

As a blogger it is important that your log is updated and has ample features that attract other viewers. Here are some of the most famous responsive blogger templates that are available in the industry today.

  • Neue: Material design is gaining some pretty serious popularity in the content management and blogging platform and is also unique in terms of versatility in design and features. It also has FitVid library that is built into it for responsive ingreation of video content.


  • Better Mag: If you are looking for a magazine blog, then the Better Mag is the best option that will help you design your very own magazine. You can also make use of the header logo to get across a clear message and is fit for news sites.
  • Android Mag: For all the bloggers who prefer the hand-held android phones to do their blogging, the Android Mag exists just for them. One thing that you will notice in all the android sites is the colour- green which has become the brand mascot of Android blogs.


  • TechWorld: Filled with attractive and flexible features, this is the blog that is on the rise and is in demand. It has a fleet of features along with modification options that you will get from a typical high tech site.
  • Fast Mag: This template stands out in the crown with its stunning allocation of elements, elegant choice of colours and modern design. This combination is the essence of the template and is capable of attracting almost anyone.

Blogging has become important for people from all walks of life as internet starts ruling over the world. When you have a responsive blogger template, you are bound to attract more people and also get better trafficking along the way.

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