Best Wood For Chess Sets

Chess is a sport enjoyed worldwide by many people.  Even if you’ve never played it or don’t own a chess set, you’ve seen it in the movies.  Popular belief suggests that the sport is reserved for the high society. When we think of chess we conjure up aman dressed in expensive clothes with an equally expensive cigar between his lips. The truth is to relish the sport you need a brain, a contender and a good chess set.If you decide to buy wooden chess sets, it can prove costly but if you want it you have to work for it. There are many types of wood used to make chess sets. This list focuses on the ones that won’t chip after a mere week.

Box wood


Typically, a chess set will include dark and light wood. Box wood is light and is used for the light squares on the board and the light chess pieces. There’s no doubt about its strength and durability. It can last years without chipping.

Sheesham Golden Rosewood

It is a high end type of wood that’s darker than box wood. It is used to make most of the chess material. It is strong and durable as well.


Walnut is a fusion of red, purple and yellow colour. It is perfect for making outlines on the board. It may not have the same density as the aforementioned types but does the chess set making job well.

Ebonised Boxwood


If you darkened boxwood, you’d get ebonized boxwood. It isn’t cheap and is also known to make high end musical instruments apart from chess pieces and boards.


When you buy wooden chess sets, you should never ever compromise on quality. Good quality will give you more fun play time.

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