Baby Formula- Healthy Formulas To Give Your Infant A Fresh Start

Let’s face it; exclusive nursing may not be a reality for every woman. There are various circumstances which might force a woman to supplement her breast milk with baby formula. For instance, the maternity leave given to working mothers may not suffice for her to nurse her child for the duration recommended by experts. Thus, it becomes necessary for her to find something that would mimic the qualities of breast milk in order for the child to continue growing in a healthy pattern.


There are lots of baby formulas in the market out there and choosing the right one requires careful thought and observation. A baby formula with the right ingredients will ensure your baby stays healthy. The caution here is to avoid any steroids, hormones or additional flavoring and coloring. Staying on the natural side is the safe thing to do. You do not want to focus so much in weight gain while not realizing the side effects of some of the ingredients inside the pack. After consulting your pediatrician on the best formulas to give your baby, you can pick from one of these;


  1. Similac Advance Non-GMO infant Formula; as a best-selling infant formula, this baby formula consists of soy and corn which are grown naturally.
  2. Kabrita Goat milk Toddler Formula; if your baby has sensitivity issues, then this is probably the best formula to give. It is mild and sweet so your baby will not have a problem taking it. It contains vitamins, minerals and iron. This supply of nutrition is good especially for babies who were born underweight.
  3. Nutramigen ready to use infant formula; as a mother with a busy work schedule, this preparation comes in handy, packed with all the minerals and vitamins.

Take advantage of these healthy formulas to give your infant a fresh start in the morning.

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