All About Water Slides

The summer season is just round the corner and what could be a better way than engaging into some water fun. A visit to the water park and a joyful ride on a water slide instantly recharges away the mood and fills in a lot of pleasure. Now days there are various varieties of water slides available in the market which can be purchased and experienced at the comfort of sitting at your home without the need of going to a water or recreational park.

The difference in type of water slide depends on the type of ride, the material used and the size involved.

The Basic Design

Every typical water ride consists of a pump system which fills in water through a water reservoir which is then allowed to flow freely down its surface. Generally, water slides have their opening connected through swimming pools or a long run out chute. While the lawn water slides or the ones that people tend to have in their homes or backyard have a very simple construction. An intertwined collection of fibre glass elements are used in their construction.

Kinds and Types of Water Slides

Body Slides: These are the basic version of slides most commonly used with no surface mat and require the person to directly sit on their surface. These can further be divided into Aqua Loops, simple flumes, funnels and half piles.


Slides with Inline Tube: These slides consist of two or three riders’ inline in order to allow many twist and turns while sliding.

Long Sides: They have a long sleek design and resemble a tunnel which finally opens into a swimming pool.

The Modern Day Water Slides

Water coaster

This is the most adventurous slide which is similar to a roller coaster. They contain a high power water jet system to gush out water at high speed and hence they are often referred to as master blasters.


Multi-lane racer slide

As the name suggest it is designed in a manner where multiple drivers can ride on it ranging from four to eight. Sometimes they also have a helix opening at the top to ensure high speed water sprinkling so that the riders could experience some water fun.

Half Pipe

This type of slide oscillated back and forth rhythmically just like a play ride does. It does not enclose any closed sections and that is the reason it is named as half pipe.

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