Advantages of 5 Panel Drug Test

5 panel drug test

Drug addiction simply kills a person eventually – there’s no putting it gently. Yes, if a person wakes up and determines to rehab themselves then there’s a way of getting back to regular life, but most of the addicts choose not to and they take a path of death. A drug addict individual could pose serious threat to workplaces like industries, corporate offices or heavy machinery factories. To test an individual for drug addiction before employment, 5 panel drug test has been introduced.

5 panel drug testAdvantages of 5 Panel Drug Test

The 5 panel drug test would test the presence of 5 separate drugs in the blood stream. It’s a centralized test thus the expense would be comparatively lesser than 5 individual tests. There are specific kits designed for 5 panel drug tests available through such service providers. The advantages of 5 panel drug tests are –


  • Saves Cost for Companies: A single 5 panel test would test for 5 separate drugs in one setup. If a company needs to test 20 of their employees, they will require 20 nos of 5 panel drug tests, whereas if they had to test every employee individually for 5 drugs they would have to arrange for 100 tests. In that way, 5 panel drug tests are cost effective.
  • User Friendly: These test panels are available in the forms of test cups and test cups. User manuals or guidelines are provided with each packaging thus anyone can do the 5 panel drug test on employees. These test are at preliminary levels of lab tests, and aren’t risky.
  • Made for Institutions: The 5 panel drug tests are specifically designed for institutions like a workplace or college where a drug test on a group of individuals would be necessary. Collecting 5 different samples from each individual and keeping them organized is the objective of these tests.



Contact your nearest drug store to get 5 panel drug test cards. There may also be companies willing to perform the job for you.

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