Acquiring Private Leasing

So basically, what’s the difference when you buy and lease a car? In getting privatelease for a car, you and the company leasing the car will have an agreement that states the exact period usage alongside the fees. What makes one different from the other is that the lease has a primary term of 2, 3 or 4 years; after the indicated term, the vehicle is required to be returned to the same leasing company for them to dispose.

There are a lot of leasing companies online, but before settling on a single one you should check the policies and offers. Although, since we want to make your quest slightly easier, we’ll introduce an online personal leasing company to you. Hippo Leasing is one of the best that offers personal lease car deals. Read on ahead to know more about them and their offers.



Sixt Leasing is one of the best companies that can offer various leasing and, of course, private leasing. This company is based in Munich and you won’t regret investing in them and there are a lot of reasons why. Well, the first one being that they require zero down payment from any client. It basically means that the most desirable car named and models can be all yours for an affordable down payment.

All in all, Sixt can offer you an outstanding 10,000 variety of car models, that and their amazing prices are what people love about them. Sixt has been in the business for more than 40 years, that’s saying something. By visiting their website, you can get a glimpse of the fraction of cars available for lease.


On an additional note, the mileage leasing that they offer requires all those who are interested to pay for the mileage; the mileage will be stated to you before any negotiation commences. This basically means that you’ll pay for the use of the car and not the actually price of the vehicle. One of the reasons why private leasing is so appealing to crowd is the fact that there are no other fees or costs aside from the agreed upon monthly instalments; it’s leasing, not buying. In order to get a car, you won’t be forced to cough up a small fortune, you’ll be left in a good financial situation after the transaction, so no need to worry about money for holidays and other bills.

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