4 Safest Muscle Building Supplements In The Market

When it comes to health, fitness, and mass gain a lot of people are sceptical of using body building supplements. Understandably so for the negative relation of supplements to steroids which are illegal, and hazardous to human health. This doesn’t mean that all supplements are unhealthy. Within the flooded supplement market are safe muscle building supplements that you can use. The only caution is to ensure you consult a physician before purchasing any muscle building supplement.

Top five Safe Body building Supplements:

  1. Minerals and Multivitamins

Minerals are significant in achieving full muscle growth, as a body builder. They ensure high levels of energy during workout including boosting proper absorption and utilization of body nutrients. 

  1. Whey and Casein Protein

These are two of the most common Safe muscle building supplements. Whey Protein is a top quality powder protein that is highly digestible. Most bodybuilders use it to repair and recover their muscles after a hard work out. You can purchase it in powder or liquid form.


Unlike whey protein, casein protein is not highly digestible. This doesn’t reduce its muscle building effectiveness as it ensures a stable release of amino acids to your muscles. The recommended time of consumption for casein protein is before you sleep or when you are doing your gym stretches.

  1. Omega Three Fats

Omega three supplements are usually not produced by the body. That is why it is important as a body builder to include it in your health diet. Fish oil/ mega3 fat ensures that your heart functions optimally, getting you healthy muscle gains.

  1. Chromium Picolinate


With incorrect use of supplements, there is always the chance of gaining unhealthy weight. Purchasing Chromium pinolinate mineral supplement is thus essential. This mineral is important in production of body insulin that stabilizes the body’s blood sugar level. Another additional benefit to it is it burns extra fat from your body while increasing energy for your workout.


For safe and effective muscle building, ensure that you purchase a body building supplement from a well-known supplier.

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